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Working as a Junior Consultant


  • You have up to 3 years of relevant experience in the insurance sector and / or in one of the roles mentioned below
  • You have a good knowledge of English and Dutch/French
  • You are proactive and result-oriented
  • You posses a professional and effective oral and written communication style
  • You can work both autonomously and in group, are conscientious and creative
  • You like variety in your job and you are flexible
  • You are enthusiastic, eager to learn, driven and customer-oriented
  • Able to deliver expected qualitative services without day to day supervision
  • You have a Passion for Insurance


  • Workstream lead
  • PMO
  • Business & Functional Analyst
  • Others
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The positive and open atmosphere between juniors, seniors and partners and the special attention to excellence in work and personal development is what I like at Ensur. In addition, we always enjoy spending time together outside our customer missions. You get the point, at Ensur we work hard and play hard and that’s why I would definitively recommend this company!

Delphine Van Triel

190320 ensur kantoor 099

Finding a company that trusts junior profiles and gives them responsibilities is a challenge. Fortunately, I have found Ensur! A modern company always willing to seize new opportunities as well as to teach you how to make the best of them.

Chloélie Vandenhove

190320 ensur portret 016

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