One team, one family

Ensur is a Project Management and Consulting company with an exclusive focus on the Insurance sector. Ensur was founded in August 2014 by five professionals combining an impressive insurance track record!

Patrick De Almeida
201009 ENSUR PORTRET 033

Karolien Diliën
190320 ensur portret 011 bis

Redouane El Khababi
201009 ENSUR PORTRET 011
211009 ENSUR PORTRET 048

Alexander van der Horst
201009 ENSUR PORTRET 066

Kristof Van Eetveldt
201009 ENSUR PORTRET 048

Ysaline van Lierde

Kaj van den Bogaard

The reason I chose for Ensur was the amount of insurance passion radiating from the Ensurees and the clear leadership inspiring them.

Michael De Keyser

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