Hi. We are Ensur.

We are consultants and solution builders, exclusively for the insurance sector.

Our services
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We are true experts in our field. We have the knowledge and the rich experience.


We are generous and open-minded team players. We share ideas and insights.


We are passionate about the team and about insurance. We are one family. We work hard, we play hard.


We have a pragmatic can-do attitude, we all want to have an impact on Ensur as a company, we want to contribute to the team.


We are creative problem solvers, always looking for ways to innovate our offering, always ready to act swiftly when opportunities arise.

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We can Ensur you:

We know the world of insurance inside out. And we absolutely love it.

To us, insurance is not a side dish. It’s our favourite main course. So we don’t need a lot of explanation, we know your challenges. We also know how to cope with them and anticipate them. Our knowledge and experience allows us to move fast as Sagan (yes, we love cycling).

So let’s go for it, shall we?
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We can Ensur you:

Our focus is on delivering results, not on talking blah blah.

Of course your coffee is great. But from the minute we walk in we want to make a noticeable difference. We are there to bring instant added value, why else would you want us around? We commit to common goals, we respect deadlines and we get things done.

So tell us, where do we start?
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We can Ensur you:

We are an honest and committed team. We tell it like it is. Because we care.

We’re not a random collection of consultants. With every one of us comes the expertise of the entire Ensur family. Every day we share ideas and knowledge with each other. And with you. As well as our no-nonsense but ever optimistic attitude. We care, and we take care.

So don’t worry, bring it on.
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We can Ensur you:

With thewave we fuel new technologies with solid insurance knowledge.

We know our sector’s pains, so we also see the opportunities. From our daily experience we generate ideas and develop them into new digital products and services. Creating and collaborating, we help to transform and build our industry, boots on the ground.

So start throwing your ideas, pitcher.

I appreciate the vision to stay innovative and to keep evolving in order to keep up with the rapid growth of the sector.

Jonas Leuckx

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